Company Snapshot

Performant Financial Corporation is a provider of technology workflow management solutions for various government, healthcare and financial services markets.

We focus on audit and recovery services through our proprietary technology platform, combined with robust data analytics and experience gathered through decades of proven processes. Our base technology, workflow management processes and data management are flexible and extensible, as proven by our ability to service complex and competitive markets. Performant is committed to:

  • Accurate auditing of payment streams
  • Efficient recovery of past due receivables
  • Intelligent management of financial assets

We provide services in highly regulated arenas in the public and private sector and we are committed to work in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the industries we serve.

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Our Businesses

We are uniquely structured to meet our public and private sector client needs in an effective manner. We offer our clients a differentiated solution that leverages our technology platform with business analytics along with sound operational experience.

  • Performant Recovery
  • Performant Technologies