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About Performant

Performant helps commercial healthcare and government payers enhance revenue and contain costs by identifying, preventing, and recovering waste, improper payments, and defaulted assets. Performant is a leading provider of these services in several markets, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial healthcare.

Scalable and Flexible Services Platform

Performant has a purpose-built technology platform that is highly flexible, intuitive and easy to use for our audit, eligibility, and claims specialists. Our platform is easily configurable and deployable across multiple markets and processes. For example, we have successfully implemented our platform across multiple healthcare offerings within claims auditing and other eligibility based offerings, each having its own process complexities and nuances.

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Advanced, Technology-Enabled Workflow Processes

Intuitive workflow software helps our specialists by automating document-intensive manual processes. Performant’s technology-enabled workflow processes breaks down otherwise complex payment integrity processes into a series of simple, efficient, and consistent steps easily configured and applied to maximize savings impact. Performant’s streamlined workflow technology drives increased efficiencies in our operations while driving improved results relative to more labor-intensive outsourcing models.

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Strong Data and Analytics Capabilities

Our data and analytics capabilities allow us to achieve strong audit results and recovery rates for our clients. We have a proprietary data management and analysis platform which we use throughout our business. We have built up healthcare-related performance data for over a decade, which we combine with large volumes of client and third-party data to effectively analyze our clients’ claims and other data for improper payments. We have also developed a number of analytical models for claims auditing, and analytics tools that we use to score our clients’ inventory, determine the optimal workflow process and allocation of resources, and achieve higher levels of results for our clients. In addition, we utilize analytics tools to continuously measure and test our workflow processes to drive refinements and further enhance the quality and effectiveness of our capabilities.

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Long-Standing Client Relationships

Performant has been providing payment integrity solutions to governmental & commercial health plans for more than a decade. Our commitment to achieving superior performance has resulted in long-tenured client relationships, strong contract retention, and better access to new clients and future growth opportunities.

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Extensive Expertise in Highly Complex Markets

We have extensive experience and domain expertise in providing services for government and private institutions that generally operate in complex and regulated markets. We have demonstrated our ability to develop domain expertise in varied markets such as healthcare and other state and federal level entities. We believe we have the necessary organizational experience to understand and adapt to evolving public policy and how it shapes the regulatory environment and objectives of our clients. We believe this helps us identify and anticipate growth opportunities. For example, we successfully identified government healthcare as a potential growth opportunity that has thus far led to the award of five contracts to us by CMS. Together with our flexible technology platform, we have the ability to adapt our business strategy, to allocate resources and to respond to changes in our regulatory environment to capitalize on new growth opportunities.

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Proven and Experienced Management Team

Performant’s management team has significant industry experience and demonstrated strong execution capabilities. Our senior management team has a combined 100+ years of healthcare industry experience. Our management team’s industry experience, combined with deep and specialized understanding of complex and highly regulated industries, enables Performant to maintain long-standing client relationships and strong financial results.


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