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Performant helps identify improper payments, and in some markets, restructure and recover delinquent or defaulted assets and improper payments for both government and private clients in a broad range of markets. Our clients typically operate in complex and regulated environments and outsource their audit and recovery needs. We also provide complex outsource customer services for clients across our various markets. We generally provide our services on an outsourced basis, where we handle many or all aspects of our clients’ audit and recovery processes.


Performant’s 10 years of experience in the healthcare market providing audit and recovery services related to improper payments began in 2009 with our first Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) contract . In October 2016, Performant was awarded two new CMS RAC contracts. One award includes Parts A and B Medicare payments in an 11-state region in the Northeast and Midwest. The second award involves post-payment review of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) and home health and hospice claims nationwide. Then, in October 2017, CMS awarded Performant the national exclusive Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Commercial Payment Center (CPC) contract.

Through our technology-enabled services platform, Performant screens Medicare claims against several criteria, including coding procedures and medical necessity standards, to determine whether a claim should be further investigated for recoupment or adjustment. Conducting automated and, where appropriate, detailed medical necessity reviews, Performant determines whether the likelihood of identifying a potential improper payment warrants further investigation. Experts in Medicare coding, as well as registered nurses, request and review healthcare provider medical records related to the claim and, ultimately, submit the claim to CMS.

In the private healthcare market, our platform is deployed to provide audit, recovery, and analytical services for private healthcare payers. Capitalizing on our RAC contract experience, Performant has established a presence in the private healthcare market providing audit and recovery services for several national commercial health plans. Our audit and analytics capabilities have not only allowed Performant to expand our services with these initial private healthcare clients, but also to enter other related private healthcare opportunities.

Following Performant’s acquisition of Premiere Credit of North America, LLC in August 2018, our suite of healthcare solutions now also provides revenue cycle management solutions to hospitals and other healthcare providers.

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Higher Education

Performant offers extensive experience resolving and rehabilitating student loan portfolios encompassed of high volumes of borrower accounts. We primarily provide receivables management services to the government-supported student loan industry, and our current clients include several of the largest guaranty agencies, as well as private financial institutions.

We use algorithms derived from nearly three decades of experience with defaulted student loans to accurately estimate the likely recovery outcomes to be derived from a placement of defaulted student loans.

Through our proprietary technology, Performant identifies, tracks, and communicates with defaulted borrowers to implement suitable recovery programs to resolve outstanding student loan balances. Our clients rely on Performant to deliver industry-leading student loan resolution services that keep pace with the changing industry and regulatory landscape, client-specific requirements, and borrower-focused resolution approaches.

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Performant provides recovery solutions to state and federal government agencies. Within the federal market, Performant recovers outstanding liabilities subrogated to the Department of the Treasury by numerous federal agencies, comprised of a mixture of a diverse range of receivables for commercial entities and individuals. These debts are managed by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, or FS, a bureau of the Department of the Treasury.

In September 2016, Performant was named as one of four agencies to perform recovery services for certain federal tax debts on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The new program, which began in Spring 2017, was authorized under a federal law calling for the use of private companies to recover, on the Government’s behalf, outstanding inactive tax receivables.

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With the growing personal loan industry we believe there is additional opportunity for us to expand services into this private sector. We also provide recovery services for private student loans, which supplement federally guaranteed loans, as well as home mortgages to private lenders.

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