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Lisa Im, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair


As the CEO and Board Chair of Performant Financial Corporation, I am responsible for the growth of this business, satisfaction of our clients, excellence of this organization, and driving shareholder value. Our goal is to innovate through technology, people and process to drive unparalleled value to clients above all competitors. I have over 30 years of business experience including a leadership background in consumer product goods companies, Kraft and BestFoods, where consumers hire and fire companies and brands based on each experience. Ultimately, the entire view of our brand boils down to each experience—we want every experience of the client or consumer to lead them back to us. This is the kind of philosophy by which we go to market—clients and consumers choose us because we give them the best experience in the market. We believe in driving success for our clients, excellence in our organization, innovating through technology, people, and process. I am grateful to our clients who let us serve them as partners, and to our employees who bring their best to Performant every day.

Hal Leach, Chief Compliance Officer and President of Performant Recovery


My role as Chief Compliance Officer is unique in that I was formerly the Chief Operating Officer. As a result, I understand how important and intricate compliance is in all of the activities and processes of our business. During my 35 years with Performant, I’ve focused on operations strategy and compliance management. In over the three decades, as regulations have changed both at the Federal and state levels, my focus has been to ensure that our organization lives and breathes within those requirements. I am grateful that my deep experience gives me the chance to leverage synergies, engineer logistics, and provides compliance oversight to continuously improve operations across all products, services, and industries.

Simeon Kohl, Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare


Healthcare is an exciting growth avenue for Performant. Performant’s healthcare services and products are differentiated through our integrity based analytics platform in which we design solutions that are unique to our clients. Our goal is to achieve long-term growth through alignment of the company’s program integrity assets to best serve our public and private sector healthcare clients. Healthcare is a newer and exciting growth avenue for Performant. We entered the healthcare market in 2005 with a demonstration project for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. We then became one of the auditors of the first-ever nationwide Medicare Recovery Audit Contract. In 2016, I became the head of Performant’s Healthcare initiatives and we re-engineered the organization to better facilitate our expansion into the commercial healthcare market where we can offer program integrity services to drive value to our commercial clients. I joined Performant in 2012, and bring more than 20 years of executive management experience to our growth strategy. Most recently I led a company that provided integrity-based analytic solutions across a myriad of different industries. I also have an extensive background in healthcare cost containment and related services including strategic direction and operational oversight to large healthcare audit and FWA engagements.