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Lisa Im, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair


As the CEO and Board Chair of Performant Financial Corporation, Lisa Im focuses on strategic company growth, driving success, achieving client satisfaction, pursuing organizational excellence, and increasing shareholder value. Her goal for the Performant organization is innovation through technology, people, and process to facilitate unparalleled value to clients above all competitors. Ms. Im leverages more than 30 years of business leadership experience in consumer product goods companies (Kraft and BestFoods), where consumers hire and fire companies and brands based on each experience, to lead the philosophy by which we go to market—clients and consumers choose us because we give them the best experience in the market. Ultimately, the entire view of our brand boils down to each experience—we want every client or consumer experience to lead them back to us. Ms. Im holds a BBA in Marketing from Loma Linda University and an MBA in Finance from California State University of Hayward.

Hal Leach, Chief Compliance Officer


Hal Leach has a unique role as Chief Compliance Officer, given he formerly served as Chief Operating Officer for Performant. As a result, he understands the importance and intricacies of compliance as it relates to all aspects of our business. During his 35-year tenure with Performant, Mr. Leach has focused on operations strategy and compliance management. As regulations have changed, both at federal and state levels, during the past three decades, his unswerving focus has been to ensure the Performant organizations live and breathe within those requirements. Mr. Leach’s deep experience enables him to leverage synergies, engineer logistics, and provide compliance oversight to continuously improve operations across all products, services, and industries. Moreover, his expertise in highly regulated and compliance-driven environments has cultivated key roles with both clients and Congress on matters related to debt management.

Simeon Kohl, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare


Simeon Kohl joined Performant in 2012, bring more than 20 years of executive management experience to our growth strategy. In 2016, he became the head of Performant’s Healthcare initiatives and facilitated the re-engineering of our organization to better facilitate Performant’s expansion into the commercial healthcare market where we offer program integrity services to drive value to our commercial clients. Healthcare is an exciting growth avenue for Performant, and our healthcare services and products are differentiated through our integrity-based analytics platform through which we design solutions unique to each of our clients. Mr. Kohl has an extensive background in healthcare cost containment, including providing strategic direction and operational oversight to numerous market disruptive initiatives. His goal is to achieve long-term growth by aligning Performant’s program integrity assets to best serve our public and private sector healthcare clients.

Ian Johnston, Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Ian Johnston has served as Performant’s Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer since April 2017. Previously, Mr. Johnston served as Performant’s Corporate Controller, beginning in 2005. Mr. Johnston has 30 years of experience in a variety of industries, including service as Vice President and Corporate Controller of InVision Technologies, Inc.—a manufacturer of airport security screening devices—and Corporate Controller of CardioGenesis Corporation—a medical device company. He received both a BA in Economics and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Johnston is a certified CPA in the state of California.

Rohit Ramchandani, Senior Vice President, Finance & Strategy


With a background as a strategic and financial advisor for technology-driven financial services organizations, Rohit Ramchandani joined Performant in 2014 to help drive efficiencies and strengthen operational and financial results for Performant’s various end markets. He currently serves as Performant’s Senior Vice President, Finance & Strategy with responsibility for overseeing financial planning for the company, including strategies and analysis for both organic and inorganic investments. Mr. Ramchandani works closely with the entire Performant leadership team to ensure financial goals are met and to foster an alignment in short, medium, and long-term strategic and financial priorities. His expertise includes operational data analytics, financial modeling, and project execution/management. Mr. Ramchandani holds both a BS in Business Administration and a BS in Mathematics/Economics from University of Southern California.