Recovery Advantage

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Performant Healthcare SolutionsSM foundation is built on delivering solutions that quickly and efficiently recover funds due to our clients (e.g., overpayments, debts, aged recoveries). With more than 40 years of recovery experience, we have a proven track record of managing accounts, some of which are in the billions of dollars. Performant is the leading recovery audit vendor with true recovery/collections experience and an established collections infrastructure.

Our success speaks for itself:

  • 70%+ recovery rate on non-par providers
  • 95% successful contact rate within three months of national account inventory
  • 99.4% quality rating

Performant’s recovery services include:

  • Aged Provider Debt: Aged accounts are reassigned to Performant rather than written off. For one national client, Performant has recovered more than 30% of the accounts already in recovery for more than one year before assignment with Performant.
  • Newly Identified Provider Recovery: Performant delivers superior recovery rates on overpayment determinations ready for initial recovery, especially for non-participating providers.
  • Comprehensive Audit & Recovery: Coupled with Performant’s audit services, newly identified overpayments are defended through appeal and then efficiently coordinated for provider repayment.

Performant achieves remarkable results because we understand the payment lifecycle and how claims are processed, analyzed, and audited. We bolster these processes by integrating optical character recognition (OCR) to scan and digitize documents received by mail, maintaining a detailed account record for the client. Our recovery agents are assigned by provider as “account managers”, instead of working on a claim-by-claim basis, resulting in improved communication, mutually efficient interactions, and improved accountability.