Customer Service Call Center Management

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Performant provides early stage in-bound call intervention to assist clients in responding to consumer inquiries, providing quick resolution while reducing the number of calls requiring internal staff’s attention. Our call center management services relieve the client’s internal staff from the burden of responding to calls for basic inquiries and allows them to focus their efforts on more complex, higher-value consumer issues or concerns.

Performant’s Tier 1 call center assists with the resolution of the high volume of incoming calls from the most fundamental inquiries to simple FAQs. Performant minimizes caller wait times and call abandonment rates resulting in improved consumer service through the timely delivery of information consumers seek with “first call resolution”.

Performant has successfully assisted clients with a Tier 1 call center where:

  • Consumer experience was positive
  • Total number of incoming of calls handled by Performant increased by 5%
  • Number of abandoned calls with Performant’s involvement decreased from:
    • 8,200 to 116 calls monthly
    • 25% to 0.5% of calls annually

By transferring the responsibility of handling the large volume of consumer calls, clients noted an improvement in internal staff productivity and job satisfaction.