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Performant delivers superior outsourcing engagements that identify and solve the needs of each client—and their customers—in a safe, secure technology environment. Our custom-built programs serve a diverse range of clients in the financial services, government, higher education, retail, and telecom industries are designed to meet each client’s unique needs. Performant’s business model is built on a scalable, on-demand infrastructure to meet client needs of any size. Performance is never sacrificed, which results in less complaints and increased productivity. Our solutions are supported by:

  • Industry Leading Customer Service
  • Dedicated, Experienced Account Specialists
  • Advanced Operating Infrastructure with Latest Technology
  • Proven Information Security and Data Privacy
  • Unmatched Compliance Capabilities

Customer Service Call Center Management

Performant provides early stage in-bound call intervention to assist clients in responding to consumer inquiries, providing quick resolution while reducing the number of calls requiring internal staff’s attention. Our call center management services relieve the client’s internal staff from the burden of responding to calls for basic inquiries and allows them to focus their efforts on more complex, higher-value consumer issues or concerns.

Performant’s Tier 1 call center assists with the resolution of the high volume of incoming calls from the most fundamental inquiries to simple FAQs. Performant minimizes caller wait times and call abandonment rates resulting in improved consumer service through the timely delivery of information consumers seek with “first call resolution”.

Performant has successfully assisted clients with a Tier 1 call center where:

  • Consumer experience was positive
  • Total number of incoming of calls handled by Performant increased by 5%
  • Number of abandoned calls with Performant’s involvement decreased from:
    • 8,200 to 116 calls monthly
    • 25% to 0.5% of calls annually

By transferring the responsibility of handling the large volume of consumer calls, clients noted an improvement in internal staff productivity and job satisfaction.

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Credit Resolve™ Dispute Resolution

CreditResolve™ is a purpose-built solution designed to help clients manage increased credit dispute demand during peak season. Performant’s teams are staffed with experienced agents who not only have the proper federal security clearance requirements, but also custom training on efficiently resolving direct and indirect credit disputes.

Proven success and the flexibility to adapt to client platforms utilizing a custom interface through eOSCAR in a secure technology environment.

Faster response times enable clients to meet credit dispute deadlines and expedite account resolution, allowing client resources to be focused on other critical business processes.

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Omnichannel CRM

Performant’s customer care team has a singular mission to provide best-in-class customer service call center and back office processing solutions that add significant value for our clients—and our clients’ customers—enabling them to focus on their core competencies and serving their markets. Performant offers compliance-focused multichannel communications designed to preserve the integrity of the client’s brand and important consumer relationships. Our comprehensive compliance measures, including 100% call monitoring, are designed to reduce complaints and increase productivity.

Performant boasts a flexible and nimble corporate structure that enables short program ramp times and scalability with a dynamic infrastructure that can leverage our clients’ diverse technologies and platforms. Our customized solutions are designed based on each client’s definition and requirements of customer experience and supported by a strict compliance culture and information security focus to mitigate client risks. Moreover, Performant’s expert customer care specialists receive customized, comprehensive training on each client engagement and compliance with the most stringent government and corporate compliance standards.

Our commitment to full transparency is bolstered by providing clients complete access to data with real time analytics, accurate reporting, and ad hoc reports. Quarterly business reviews—including evaluation of KPIs, ROI, efficiencies, and changes—enables continuous improvement and maximum client and consumer satisfaction.

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