Risk Management Advisory Services

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Performant’s risk management advisory services are designed to enable higher education clients to proactively manage pre-default student loans and reduce the occurrence of defaulted assets over time. Our proven default prevention practices are designed to increase return and produce profit gains for our clients.

Performant’s experienced account resolution specialists contact and counsel borrowers to understand the importance and benefit of entering repayment programs prior to the beginning of the student loan repayment period. Our targeted approach focuses on three objectives to increase the likelihood borrowers will begin loan repayment on time.

  • Education: We assist borrowers with identifying student loan details, budgeting and understanding available repayment options, as well as evaluating the best solution for borrowers experiencing financial hardship
  • Compliance: We emphasize the importance of loan repayment and potential impacts of delinquency and provide information on how to remain current with the loan obligation in the future
  • Acknowledgement: We answer borrower questions and work with borrowers to establish repayment programs designed to ensure borrowers’ continued compliance with satisfying their loan obligations.

Moreover, Performant offers a service to address overdue loans in the earliest stage by contacting delinquent borrowers to cure the delinquency before the loan enters default. All of our account resolution specialists are supported by established compliance-driven infrastructure featuring comprehensive training, performance management, a library of compliant call scripts and letters, and call monitoring on 100% of contacts.