Skip tracing

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Skip tracing is a methodical process, and effective skip tracing is essential to achieving successful recovery results. Having worked with delinquent receivables since 1976, Performant continually refines our information sources and provides extensive training to our staff, resulting in higher contact rates that, in turn, increases recoveries.

Applying technology and innovation combined with hard work, Performant has historically located and contacted more consumers for our clients. We perform intensive upfront skip tracing using a waterfall approach, with most of the resources exhaustively searched in the earliest stages of account delinquency. This process allows for deduping of previously identified contact information. Data sources are accessed in real time to provide our recovery staff with the most current information available.

Our graduated and focused skip tracing strategies combine proven methodologies, the latest sources, web databases, an online library of system-stored databases, and innovative methods. Through the proper application of our waterfall early in the account life cycle, Performant achieves greater penetration of the portfolio and higher recoveries.