Tax Amnesty Programs

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Tax amnesty programs can be useful to generate revenue for government agencies during an economic downturn or when experiencing a budget shortfall. These labor-intensive programs have historically been administered by government staff also expected to perform their daily duties to meet current taxpayer needs.

Performant has helped transform the traditional business model by participating in numerous successful public-private partnership state tax amnesty programs. Performant was responsible for external management of the Louisiana Tax Amnesty Program, “Window of Opportunity” in which the Louisiana Department of Revenue recovered $478 million – exceeding its $150 million goal by nearly 220%.

Executing a multifaceted strategy for external management of the largest pool of delinquent accounts allowed Louisiana’s internal staff to focus on a small pool of higher-balance audit accounts. This strategy helped maximize the results of amnesty while allowing for continued delivery of routine day-to-day taxpayer services with little disruption.

Key success factors Performant provides for amnesty programs include project administration and support, dedicated website, large volume letter generation and return mail processing, fully staffed call center with toll-free telephone lines, extended call center hours, bilingual customer service staff, amnesty application processing, payment processing, daily reporting of analytics and metrics, and assistance with post-amnesty initiatives.