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Why Performant?

Performant’s business model is difficult to replicate, as it incorporates a combination of several important and differentiated elements, including:


Performant offers superior alignment to our customers.  Every Health Plan is unique and many of our customers come to Performant seeking solutions for their important challenges.  With Performant’s proprietary data system and workbench platform, we are tirelessly dedicated to the development of solutions to support our customer’s needs, freeing them to focus on their core mission.


Performant is one of a very small number of payment integrity firms not owned or associated with major payers, which allows us to operate autonomously, singularly focused on the needs of our customers – not a complex bureaucracy of competing interests.


Adaptability in the changing medical and payment integrity markets is key, especially in a post COVID-19 environment. Our nimbleness and ability allow Performant to rapidly transform to meet market needs, such as offering novel savings ideas to help plans compensate for COVID-19 losses.


Performant has attracted the best and brightest in the industry to find the root causes of savings leakage and deliver effective solutions with finesse.


Unlike many vendors, Performant is willing to pull back the curtain with both our customers and business partners – we believe a collective understanding of the “why” is critical for collaborative success.

​Based on an American Hospital Association survey, Performant’s customer service surpassed the other vendors in the survey by up to three times (3x)​​